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Betty Kyallo

At Flair we have come a long way in ensuring that all our clients get value for money and great service while at it. I personally took the lead with ensuring that our staff fully understand the core values at Flair… Values such as excellence in their work, kindness, warmth, team work just to name a few. When I was going through that special process of coming up with a brand, I envisioned a salon that felt like home; from the decor to the client care I wanted that to be our truth… and truth it has been, from the many referrals we have gotten. Many of the new clients heard that we are extra nice to our clients and value them a bit too much compared to other salons that we are skilled in our work and that has worked for us and we can only become better. My vision is to replicate Flair By Betty in a number of other locations across the country especially with the growing demand from people who want that Flair touch. I’m working on it. As you think of visiting I welcome you with open arms and assure you that we are committed to our clients satisfaction. Come in and feel the Flair Of Life!

In our house, we never give up, we say I’m sorry, we chase dreams, we like to have fun, we make mistakes we say please and thank you, we are crazy! We say I love you, we give BIG hugs. We forgive, we give second chances. We are family! 

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